It is a fact of life that as you get older the urge to release your bladder can become stronger. With that in mind and sick of forever waiting for me, my family has suggested that if I intend to spend my retirement sitting in the bathroom then I might as well blog about it and hence....... the Bog Blog.

28 September 2016



On our way up to Troon last week we stopped at Gretna Services, a typical Welcome Break motorway service area on the A74(M), just over the border into Scotland. The ladies washroom area was unique in its colour scheme with a range of greens ranging from a very definite slime green colour through to a more subtle greege. I confess to being mesmerised and then I realised: of course, we were at Gretna Green!

17 September 2016

Gurkha Express

Gurkha Express is the name of an excellent Nepalese restaurant on the High Road in Beeston, Nottingham. I can honestly say that eating there last week I enjoyed one of the best Indian meals I have tasted outside of India itself.

The restaurant is plainly decorated and the washroom is white and basic. It contrasted dramatically with the matching soap and Instruction Notice; I found the effect stark yet aesthetically pleasing. 

12 September 2016

Down on the Farm

One of the quality stopping places when traversing the country on the A66 is Cross Lanes Organic Farm situated approximately 12 miles west of Scotch Corner, with a coffee shop and restaurant serving freshly cooked organic produce. In nice weather there is a sheltered patio area for imbibing outside and of course the brilliant organic farm shop for browsing and buying. 

The building itself is eco friendly as the sedum covered roof and solar panels in the photo above demonstrate. Indeed when driving past it is not unusual to see goats grazing up there.

Deservedly, the business has won numerous awards. I'm not sure that any have been for its toilets although these too embrace the green and sustainable commitment with the use of rainwater to flush them. Best of all however has to be the design on the doors; reminiscent of a marbled cheese and somewhat eye-catching.

2 September 2016

In the Back Row

The Station Cinema at Richmond (North Yorkshire) is our favourite cinema. As its name suggests it is inside the old Victorian station now managed by the Richmond Preservation Society and with an exhibition gallery, artisan shops (my favourite is the ice cream parlour), a bistro and educational talks and activities, it attracts visitors with wares other than its films.

The building has been preserved on the outside and inside too where many of the original features and furnishings remain.

The toilets however are modern. Their most striking feature has to be the contrast of colours: dark blue, grey, orange and white. They stretch to the very limit the design concept that a room should be based around no more than 3 colours in addition to white. It works; they complement each other, except for one thing: the pink soap!

1 September 2016

In the Pub

On the opposite side of the road to the public conveniences at Chapel Stile and just a few yards further along the road is Wainwright's, with its stone floor and beamed ceiling. Ever since we started to stay on the Langdale Estate, we have been frequent visitors during our times there. The food is substantial, it's a great place for a drink after a thirsty day on the fells and it is conveniently placed for another before or after dinner. It also hosts a weekly pub quiz which I hasten to add we are yet to win.

It's proven an adventurous destination for us too, walking there through a snowstorm one winter's evening to warm up in front of its open fire.

Moreover its toilets have recently undergone an impressive yet traditional makeover with high toilet cisterns. Chains and wooden handles are out though and instead there are much more modern shining chrome cords and handles, all set off by an interesting shade of green paint and white tiles. I loved the effect; so much so I had to check on it every time we called. It's good to have an excuse to pay a visit.