It is a fact of life that as you get older the urge to release your bladder can become stronger. With that in mind and sick of forever waiting for me, my family has suggested that if I intend to spend my retirement sitting in the bathroom then I might as well blog about it and hence....... the Bog Blog.

21 November 2016

World Toilet Day Post Script

So where was I on World Toilet Day?

On my hands and knees in our rental property filling up a hole.

I was preparing to decorate the smallest room in the house following a repair there to the floor, when I discovered another hole in the wall (you will recall my bad hair day when this happened in the kitchen). Once again it was the result of a bathroom leak that the last tenants had seemingly failed to notice. So fittingly I spent most of the afternoon next to the loo re-rendering part of the wall ready for a plaster finish. Oh the joys of owning an old property 120 miles distant.

Whilst I was waiting for it to dry, I had a catch-up online and was pleased to see that one of my fellow retirement bloggers, Maddie in Australia, did a special entry on her blog to mark the Day and which you can find here.

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