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19 November 2016

World Toilet Day 2016

Today is World Toilet Day, which seeks to raise awareness and motivate action towards meeting the Sustainable Development goal to ensure that everywhere has access to toilets by 2030.

Did you know that one in ten people in the world today still has to defecate in the open? The video above was made for World Toilet Day in 2013 on this point.

Hats off therefore to 105 year old Kunwar Bai Yadav who sold her goats in order to pay for a toilet for her village in the Indian state of  Dhamtari. It was only a year before that she had even heard about toilets after spending over a century visiting the woods in order to defecate. As a result fellow villagers have now built toilets too on the basis that if Kunwar Bai Yadav could do it they could too. India's aim is to eliminate open defecation by 2nd October 2019.
Even where there is access to a toilet, poor sanitation can spread diseases.This is the World Toilet Day 2016 video made to illustrate that fact. It is estimated that globally 17% of workplace deaths are attributable to disease transmission at work, mostly caused by poor hygiene or sanitation.

"Toilets save lives, increase productivity, create jobs and grow economies. Toilets work." (Toast to Toilets by the World Toilet Day Administrative Team.)

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