It is a fact of life that as you get older the urge to release your bladder can become stronger. With that in mind and sick of forever waiting for me, my family has suggested that if I intend to spend my retirement sitting in the bathroom then I might as well blog about it and hence....... the Bog Blog.

1 September 2016

In the Pub

On the opposite side of the road to the public conveniences at Chapel Stile and just a few yards further along the road is Wainwright's, with its stone floor and beamed ceiling. Ever since we started to stay on the Langdale Estate, we have been frequent visitors during our times there. The food is substantial, it's a great place for a drink after a thirsty day on the fells and it is conveniently placed for another before or after dinner. It also hosts a weekly pub quiz which I hasten to add we are yet to win.

It's proven an adventurous destination for us too, walking there through a snowstorm one winter's evening to warm up in front of its open fire.

Moreover its toilets have recently undergone an impressive yet traditional makeover with high toilet cisterns. Chains and wooden handles are out though and instead there are much more modern shining chrome cords and handles, all set off by an interesting shade of green paint and white tiles. I loved the effect; so much so I had to check on it every time we called. It's good to have an excuse to pay a visit.

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