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12 September 2016

Down on the Farm

One of the quality stopping places when traversing the country on the A66 is Cross Lanes Organic Farm situated approximately 12 miles west of Scotch Corner, with a coffee shop and restaurant serving freshly cooked organic produce. In nice weather there is a sheltered patio area for imbibing outside and of course the brilliant organic farm shop for browsing and buying. 

The building itself is eco friendly as the sedum covered roof and solar panels in the photo above demonstrate. Indeed when driving past it is not unusual to see goats grazing up there.

Deservedly, the business has won numerous awards. I'm not sure that any have been for its toilets although these too embrace the green and sustainable commitment with the use of rainwater to flush them. Best of all however has to be the design on the doors; reminiscent of a marbled cheese and somewhat eye-catching.

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