It is a fact of life that as you get older the urge to release your bladder can become stronger. With that in mind and sick of forever waiting for me, my family has suggested that if I intend to spend my retirement sitting in the bathroom then I might as well blog about it and hence....... the Bog Blog.

31 August 2016


Built in natural Lakeland slate mined in the local quarries, the public conveniences on the edge of Chapel Stile are open daily from Easter to the end of October. A welcome sight for those descending the Langdale valley after a long day in the hills and perhaps also a stop for a drink at The Stickle Barn or hotel bar at the head of the valley. Not so useful in winter, possibly explaining some of the jokes about yellow snow.

So the best aspects of these facilities? The setting of course, opening out onto a field with views of the fells above; secondly the building materials; thirdly there is no charge to use them, yes I repeat: they are free!

The downside? Well they are still a decent walk away from Dungeon Ghyll and there's only a cold water supply to the sink. But they are the height of luxury for walkers and we all carry hand sanitiser these days anyway.

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